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Welcome to The Kidz Kubby

We believe that every child in foster care should be supported, loved and valued. That's why we strive to provide items that they need to succeed.

Foster Care

In Utah, there are roughly 2,700 children in Foster Care at any given time

10-20% are babies younger than one year

12 months is the average time a child will spend in Foster Care

Approximately 1/3 of children in Foster Care are over the age of twelve

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We actively work to meet the needs of foster and adopted children in and around our community. Although our programs can change as needed, our fundamental goals stay the same.

Receiving Donations at Clothing Drive

Clothing and Basic Needs

We provide clothing, shoes, coats, backpacks, toys, diapers & wipes, baby accessories and other essentials, at no cost to families.  ​By supplying much needed items to youth in the foster care community, we help create a sense of comfort and normalcy during a very difficult, uncertain time. In the process, we also hope to create genuine connections and provide support to families.

Learning Supplies

During the school year, we provide children and teens with some of the supplies required for them to succeed. Learning is a critical part of growing up, one that the children we serve often miss out on. It is our goal to provide them with notebooks, pencils, folders, binders, books, backpacks and more.

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